Physicians (Doctors) for Social Justice (PSJ)


Physicians (Doctors) for Social Justice (PSJ)


About PSJ

Physicians (Doctors) for Social Justice (PSJ) is a non-profit community-based development organization registered with the government of Nigeria.

Who We Are

PSJ uses innovative, practical, cost-effective solutions to reduce the burden of diseases & health challenges, while strengthening the capacities of marginalized rural communities to keep their women & children healthy.

How We Work

PSJ’s target groups are the most vulnerable populations in marginalized communities which includes; women and girls, children, young people, sex workers and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Who We Support

PSJ works with our network of community volunteers in the communities to provide healthcare, and comprehensive care and support to vulnerable families.

What We Are Doing

Vision and Mission

We envision a society where every individual in every rural community lives in optimal health and wellbeing.

A community of development workers and health professionals who seek to ensure that every family in every rural community in Nigeria has optimal access to essential services including healthcare, water and sanitation, education, and sustainable livelihood through  direct healthcare services delivery, community mobilization and engagement, capacity development, and micro grant making to vulnerable households.


Life Planning for Adolscent and Youth (LPAY). 72 Hour Make Over of Health Facilities to Foster Provision of Youth-Friendly SRH Services


Strengthening Capacity of Communities for Sustained Delivery of Integrated HIV and SRH Services


Vitamin A Supplementation and Albendazole (Deworming) Services for children 6-59 Months, and Provision of Multivitamins for Pregnant and/or Lactating Women.


Integrated Outreach-Based Mobile Clinics for Diagnosis and Treatment of Illnesses as well as Provision of Preventative Health Care Service Delivery in Poor Rural Communities in Niger State, Northern Nigeria.



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Physicians for Social Justice (PSJ) is an active member of the GlobalGiving community with a GG Rewards Leader status as of Dec. 31, 2018. We’reGG Badge proud to share some highlights from our past year together. Read More

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